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"We are not just making watches but building up a brand that lasts long."
- Delforu Watch Co.,Ltd

Manufacturing Process

Watch Design

Starting from the moment you decide to create a custom timepiece, our design staff will be there to help you every step of the way. Each team member is a seasoned expert in the field of watch design and can generate concepts across a wide range of timepiece types.

Mass Production

With almost 10 years in the industry, our Company is a trusted name in the watchmaking world. With experienced in-house design and R&D teams, Our Company can respond rapidly to customer needs and develop brand-new, high-quality, comprehensive programs and collections from the ground up.

Quality Management

All watch is inspected by an engineer to ensure it meets our standards of precision, water resistance. The water resistance is tested using an air pressure apparatus operated by a computer. With this, we can see how well the watch holds up against water and find any leaks.

Start-ups Friendly

We offer flexible order quantity. Essentially there's no minimum order limit for custom works.

Latest Collections

Delforu-Watch Co.,Ltd has built the whole production line for each part of my custom-made watch. It certainly make the project running so much easier by having someone expertise in the watch manufacturing filed and manage the entire process.

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