Bau. | Nicely designed, affordable price

A fancy-designed and modern watch can be both beauty and affordable.


Bau Watch is created by a young but professional team of entrepreneurs wanting to make and share the designs that suit the way of how people live. Bau watch team enjoys multicultural and stylish designs, and they are dedicated to making Bau enter the watch micro-band world.

The Problem

Bau Watch born out of the core idea that distinctive, fancy-designed and modern watch can be affordable. Based on that concept, their first creation – Bau 963 was created carefully to balance both factor that manufactured an elegant timepiece while price won’t go crazy high.

That certainly requires strict budget controlling and quality maintaining for Delforu-Watch as a manufacturer.

How we do

So often we have competitors that offer ridiculously low quote by sacrificing quality or cutting corners during manufacturing process. That’s definitely never happen in Delforu-Watch. Here, we quote our clients accurately after learning deep their product so they know exactly how much it costs to whole process.

For finding out solutions, we starting by putting together a professional team that particularly worked on Bau’s project. We spent time to dive deep studying entire product as well as their quality standards to finally figure out the best price point that can meet the highest quality outcome while has the possibly lowest costs.

The Result

After running through 2 rounds of prototyping and 30 days production run. (Regularly it takes 1-2 months to make the exact sample that meets requirements). An eye-catching, smart and minimal piece that will shine in any context was successfully produced under the process of Delforu-Watch manufacturing. All this with minimal, ultra-functional design that you just can´t help staring at it!

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