Here We can work with your custom specifications for all parts


The selection of watch cases is made with the same care and precision as the rest of our selection of high-quality watch components. Our watch case design is available in a wide variety of styles, materials, and finishes so that you may get exactly what you need for your product. Made in a medical-grade dust-free environment and to the highest standards at our own production plant.


Precision printing, which is a part of commercial printing processes, results in exquisite detail. This includes the ultra-fine letters used for branding and other objects that are also visible on the dial, as well as the precise marks that are used to portray the hours or minutes. The production of watch dial making is an intricate procedure that calls for original thought and high-quality components.


Our company is able to begin producing punching dies for manufacturing customized watch hands thanks to our access to a wide variety of machine tools. This is a significant benefit not shared by other competitors out there. Using our current resources, we are prepared to execute any customer-proposed innovation that results in a genuine novelty.


As one of the most seasoned providers of stainless-steel watch straps, we combine our manufacturing capabilities with skilled logistical assistance to reliably deliver all of your essential watch strap. Apart from that, leather, fabric straps is available for proceeding as weel with your custom logo adding.

Super Luminova

The prototypes are all built by hand, but the machinery in the factory can accurately reproduce the shape, size, and surface treatment. To ensure the watch's overall appearance and finish are as near to flawless as possible, each stage of this special process must be carried out with the utmost precision.


By offering the full customizations, we also take packaging into consideration. here we have a wide variety of packaging from different materials including hard paper, plastic, wood, and personal logo or brand name can be imprinted on them from scratch.