Digital Watch Manufacturing In China

by Delforu-Watch | May 15th, 2020

Have an idea and want to start your own smart watch company by building up Chinese supply chain? Here in Delforu Watch Co.,Ltd, we walk you through every step of the manufacturing properly.


First, let’s start by introducing a few popular types of smart-watches we mainly work on (All products has CE,ROHS certificates):


Smart Band

A Smart Band is a wearable accessory, it looks pretty similar to a smart watch but usually thought to be used while doing outdoor activities. The bands we manufacture will have the following basic features: Clock, Heart rate monitor, Step Counters, Sleep analysis, Social Media Notifications such as vibration reminding, Water-resistance. We allow room for further developing digital features as well as customized shape depending on client’s requirements.


Smart Watch

Most of the smart watch we make comes with electronic visual display, either back-lit LCD or OLED. They are generally powered by a rechargeable battery with standby time over 80+ hours. Device includes features such as Touch screen, Heart rate monitors, Step Counters, Sleep analysis, Message display, Vibration reminding, Water-resistance, Speaker and microSD cards inserted and we allow room for further developing digital features as well as customized shape depending on client’s requirements same as smart band.

Hybrid Watch –

Hybrid watch is definitely a new trend in the watch world. A hybrid smart watch basically is a combination of a regular mechanical watch and a smart watch, in that it puts together some connected features with traditional watch mechanics. What amuses is it doesn’t look like a piece of technology but actually covers main features of digital device. Hybrid will surely be the new gateway to the smart-watch world and here in Delforu Watch Co.,Ltd, we offer highly customization in terms of shape and digital function for every project.

Start-ups Friendly –

The idea to massively meet required features with the possibly lowest cost is deeply rooted in our company’s culture.


Development Phrase 

After diving deep to know exactly what you want in both design & features for your project. We will normally start by working on internal electronic parts with our existing stocks which is the heaviest work during the entire development. By putting together the stock components and adding necessary gadgets, we can massively meet the required digital features instead of building up a complete new PCB board etc. which is really pricy.

Molds building Phrase 

Each customized project requires molds building in a way which is costly as well. Here, we will start with 3D printing watch case, hands development phrase to have a functional watch manufactured before developing molds. Clients can actually have the workable digital prototype (inserted by our stock digital components and covered by 3D printing case) ready for getting funding, marketing activity before they invest heavily on the project.


Process of manufacturing –

We have a streamlined process to help bring a watch from ideas to reality. Check it out:


1. Consulting stage

We will walk you through our entire manufacturing process and dive deep to your ideas, making sure everyone’s on the same page regarding your project.


2. Quoting stage

We will put together a team that studies your product as deep as possible.

There’s no need to set up oversea manufacturing if costs cannot be decreased significantly. However, you certainly do not want the manufacturer sacrifice quality as well. We need to dive deep to understand your quality standards etc. as well as each part of the components so we can find the price point where it’s competitive but not too low to maintain quality. And we quote you for both development fee and unit price so you know exactly how much it costs from start to finish.


3. Prototyping stage/ Development stage

It will take 2-3 months regularly to prepare the prototype for a smart gear. Here, we will start with placing existing components together in a 3D printing case as highlighted above. QC manager will get involved early on prototype stage to ensure it meets standards and finalize a sample report for clients. We won’t get into production run until prototype fully approved by you.


4. Production stage

Production team will start working on mass production. QC team will put together your product document that covers all your requirements. By laying things through documentation, our team will do inspections consistently during manufacturing process to make sure quality outcome.


5. Packaging & Delivering

We partner with packaging factory that can customized manufacture packaging in different shapes and materials based on requirements. In delivering, we can serve bulk delivering and drop-shipping as the business grows. 


Delforu Watch Co.,Ltd

We are certainly one of the best within our industry – watch manufacturing in China. Here, we have streamline process to make every ideas into a reality with the possibly lowest costs. We aim to be a Start-ups friendly company by offering the most flexible options from movements to each different components.

We care about quality outcome by having QC member involved early in prototyping phrase and placing strict QC throughout the whole manufacturing. 

If you are looking for manufacturing of your smart watch, leave a message in Let’s find out how we can bring them to reality together!