Streamline entire process from start to finish


Starting from the moment you decide to create a custom timepiece, our design staff will be there to help you every step of the way. Each team member is a seasoned expert in the field of watch design and can generate concepts across a wide range of timepiece types. In the first stages, we may supply pattern sheets from which you can take ideas for your model. Then, our design staff will direct the process and walk with you at every turn.


Our company forms a group of skilled watchmakers committed to the pleasure of their clients from the design phase to manufacture. Our business makes use of CNC prototyping tools and, if necessary, stereo lithography technology in its pursuit of creative and productive innovation. As a result, our product development team may make a watch part without resorting to the tooling of any kind. Using this knowledge, our design team can make quick adjustments.

Mass Production

With experienced in-house design and R&D teams, Our Company can respond rapidly to customer needs and develop brand-new, high-quality, comprehensive programs and collections from the ground up.

  • Cases: Materials as diverse as steel, ceramic, titanium, gold, silver, and more.
  • Movements: Quartz, Swiss, Japanese, and automatic manual-winding analog wristwatches. We also create products for the Internet of Things watch market.
Quality Inspections

Since we are a completely autonomous watch factory, we can conduct thorough quality checks at each and every stage of production, guaranteeing a final product of unwaveringly high quality and optimal functioning.

Each watch is inspected by an engineer to ensure it meets our high standards of precision, dependability, and water resistance before it is shipped out of our plant. The water resistance is tested using an air pressure apparatus operated by a computer. With this method, we can see how well the watch holds up against water and find any leaks.