Pagani Design. | FASHION WATCH

A fashion watch brand, founded in 2017, that is dedicated to creating the everyone-know timepiece. Luxury but affordable is what they are attempted for delivering.


Pagani Design is a premium boutique watch company based in HongKong, China. Inspired by the newest fashion ideas, the company wanted to launch a series of watches with contemporary design elements, but stayed fashion through out decades.

The Problem

Pagani Design needed a manufacturer who was experienced and dedicated to details so that client didn’t have to manage everything. Ideas interpreted accurately with fast responses is essential to business developing and that’s what Delforu-Watch committed to offer.

How we do

We made sure quality outcome by breaking entire watch down into individual components, right from the dials and movement to the case, strap, buckle and second etc. meaning we can offer the best prices without sacrificing any quality .

On the management aspect, we set up weekly meeting with client to keep them in loop for the entire process. Everyone’s on the same page so there wouldn’t be any “unexpected surprise” after client receive bulk.

The Result

We understood the value of the communication and exploration phase, and supported our client every step of development stage and this resulted in bringing some great products to the market.

The client received prototypes that they were happy with. We moved into production run for their first batch and became one of their reliable member from their supply chain network.

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