Not just for timing, it’s a smart gear that you love to wear with whatever you go.


Reddington, a sportswear watch with smart notifications, have a tactical feel, that is geared for the outdoors, with all features included track your steps and heart sensors and APP connected.

The Problem

Reddington has a ton of ideas & designs but did not know how to go about making workable prototype before getting any further. The prototype they made at very beginning looks fancy but were not feasible for mass manufacturing.

In Delforu-Watch, we have a process that makes it easy for a watch with lots of features to actually produce in China, and make the process of manufacturing in China easy to understand.

How we do

In order to figure out the solution for Reddington, we started by putting together a detailed product document that continually underwent updates with each batch to move closer to the exact product that client wants.

Our operations team continued to work closely with all departments and at every stage of the supply chain to ensure we could rectify errors and smooth over any issues before they became real problems. The quality is what speaks for itself – for us as a company, the product we make and the client behind it. Working in tandem and a healthy dose of professional confidence was critical.

The result

Ultimately, we took the first prototype from ideas and turned it into a gear that actually works and can be professional mass-produced. Our client is planning to do marketing as well as launching their crowd-funding campaign with the supporting of manufacturing from our end.

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