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Delforu-Watch Co.,Ltd

Each timepiece is unique designed and deserved to be tailor-manufactured.

Delforu-Watch Co., Ltd is a China-based company that has gained significance as one of the prominent platforms to watch manufacturing. From sketches to production, we are dedicated to bringing your product to reality.

With our experiences on watch manufacturing, we know exactly how many problems faced when trying to bring a new timepiece to market place. Delforu-Watch will help you walk through each stages of watch development


Our Works

Fact tells Cases sell


Not just for timing, it’s a smart gear that you love to wear with whatever you go.







We understand your requirements and assist you in customized manufacturing:

Full-Developing Solution

It is definitely not easy to develop smart watch in terms of internal electronic portions . Here, we assist you during entire process from designing, prototyping and production run based on your demanding requirements.


Available Types

We continually improve ourselves to meet the constantly changing demand in industry by offering different types of components.

  • Cases: TPU, plastic, metal etc.
  • Types: Smart band, fitness band, body temperature detecting, hybrid watch. 

Packaging & Accessories

By collaborating with packaging and  strap factories, we are capable of providing customized packaging etc. if clients required.


Quality Control

Quality is essential to brand building and business scaling.

Quality issues don’t come out at the end but happen with the lack of QC in every stages of manufacturing. In Delforu-Watch, we make sure QC early on prototyping stage by having QC team involved.


Manufacturing Process

We have stages as follow to successfully make your dream watch from ideas to reality.

Consulting stage

Our sales representatives will get in touch with you within 2 business days through email or call after you leave a message. We will walk you through our entire manufacturing process to make sure everyone’s on the same page regarding your project.

Quoting stage

We will put together a team that studies your product as deep as possible. (each team has Project director + Product manager + QC manager) We need to dive deep to understand your quality standards etc. as well as each components.  We quote you for both lead time and unit price so you know exactly how much it costs from start to finish.

Prototyping stage

It will take 1-2 months regularly to prepare the prototype. Our QC manager will get involved early on prototype stage to ensure it meets your standards and finalize a sample report for you. We won’t get into production run until prototype fully approved by you.

Production stage

Production team will start working on mass production. QC team will put together your product document that covers all your requirements. By laying things through documentation, our team will do inspections consistently during manufacturing process to make sure quality outcome.

Quality Controlling

Quality defects do come out at the end but due to the lacking of controlling during entire process. We have quality control involved at the very beginning to make sure there’s no unexpected quality issues. Our QC team will inspection every unit on bulk by providing detailed QC report. None of the bad unit will be released under our inspection.


We work with shipping agent like Floship (an international shipping agent based on HK that works on delivering for crowd-funding projects ) etc. to serve with logistic if required.


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