Start Your Own Watch Brand In 2020

by Delforu-Watch | March 23, 2020

As a company that works on customized watch manufacturing, we have seen lots of our clients started their own brands and scaled rapidly in the past few years. With the help of social medias, self-developed brands started from zero can compete with those long-lasting giants within years.

– Stand out from the crowd

It’s obvious that the micro-brand market is full. People is so busy with different things and they need to know what’ the difference between your brand and others at the first glimpse before spending their time on learning more. There’s no point of replicating but you can do your research on Kickstarter, Indiegogo get inspirations.

– Define your audience

We have all respect to brand that begins with no business purpose but it’s nothing wrong to start it by targeting your potential customers. Diving deep to your audience base, build up community for marketing, prepare compelling contents on social media platforms is the basics to help build your loyal customer base and turn them into actual purchasing eventually.

– Budgets

Some of our clients are Start-ups with limited budgets and so often that’s the thing bothers them the much – “How much it costs for me to start”. For marketing, you got a very flexible financial plan in terms of ads spends depending on how big you want to scale and that’s not the scope we are in. As a watch manufacturer, we are happy to walk you through the spending on prototyping, production running you know exactly the costs before making any decision.

Leave us a message and let’s discuss how to build your watch brand in 2020!

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