The Majority Cost Of Watch Sampling

Watch manufacturing is more like a managing of supply chain network. There is over 100 components in a watch and you certainly don’t have to build them all. In movement, ETA, Miyota has done a great job and what we need to do as a watch manufacturer is to bring them together in sampling stage as well as mass-production.

In today’s post, we will breakdown the supplying network for a completed watch into parts and particularly walk you through the part with heaviest cost in sampling stage.

It’s worth mentioning that the focusing point for traditional watch and digital watch has difference where digital watch generally has higher cost for sampling compared to the traditional watch.

Traditional Watch – Mold Fee

Mold fee usually takes up the majority cost for product in sampling stage with customized designs. In customized manufacturing for watch case, hands, dial etc., we will need to build up molds to have them manufactured which is actually a piece of metal foamed in the specific shape.

With the watch case mold, we can have the case produced in whatever shape the client wants and we brand their personal logo in dial by having the corresponded mold.

Digital Watch – PCB Development

The development of digital gear is hard and cost has significant difference depending on how many features you want to cover. Basically we need to settle down the design regrading dimensions so we understand how much room inside leaves for containing internal portion of PCB board. 

Design house will put together the lay-out of PCB portion matching with proper chip set for bringing the product that meets required features after that.

If you are looking for sampling you watch, leave us a message and we are happy to see what we can help you with. 

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