Have an idea and want to launch your watch business by building up Chinese supply chain? Here in Delforu Watch Co.,Ltd, we walk you through every step of the manufacturing properly.

We mainly focus on the manufacturing for traditional watch and smartwatch. If you are looking for digital watch manufacturing including smart band, hybrid watch etc., click here, you can find the most productive info regarding this topic. 

As for the traditional watch, here we go:


Design –

So often we have clients reached out and asked us if we can help with their designs and yes, that’s basically how we start in every projects. Before prototyping, you simply share us with your descriptions of each part of the watch and our team will provide detailed rendering based on your ideas for confirmation.

Personal designs in watch case, dial, hands need to build up specific molds for proceeding and we can also provide alternatives of existing cases, dials etc. so clients can save the major costs of building molds.


Movement –

We can provide a flexible price structures which means we have different options for the project from Swiss ETA to Japanese Miyota or Chinese-made movement depending on client’ s budget and requirements.

Material –

1. Stainless Steel.  Stainless steel is the most common used material in watch manufacturing. Main advantages of using SS is the durability. It is hard to scratch and can maintain a shine even after a long time of wearing. 
2. Titanium. Titanium is a combined of alloy with other materials. It is pretty lightweight and looks fancier than stainless steel which make it popular. It is best suited for a luxury high-class watch.
3. Wood.It is a material available in lots of different grains depending on the wood types. It is a eco-friendly material that doesn’t bring harm to the nature. 
Apart from the mentioned materials above, we can also go with ceramic, carbon fiber, silicon etc. based on clients’ requirements. 


Quality Controlling –

Quality defect does not come out at the end but due to the lacking of controlling during entire process. We have quality control involved early in the very beginning to make sure there’s no unexpected quality issues. Our QC team will do inspection on bulk by providing detailed QC report.

- Manufacturing Process -


We will walk you through our entire manufacturing process and dive deep to your ideas, making sure everyone’s on the same page regarding your project.


We need to dive deep to understand your quality standards etc. as well as each part of the components so we can find the price point where it’s competitive but not too low to maintain quality. 


Here, we will start building molds for sampling watch based on designs. Regularly it will take 1-2 months. QC manager will get involved early on prototype


Production team will start working on mass production. QC team will put together your product document that covers all your requirements and do inspections consistently during manufacturing process.


We partner with packaging factory that can customized manufacture packaging in different shapes and materials based on requirements. In delivering, we can serve bulk delivering and drop-shipping as the business grows. 

- Our Works -


Luxury but affordable is what they are attempted for delivering.


Not just for timing, it’s a smart gear that you love to wear with whatever you go.


A fancy-designed and modern watch can be beauty and affordable simultaneously.

- Our Team -

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Director Of Production

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Director Of QC

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Customer Service

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